Φθινοπωρινή διακόσμηση….Τα κεριά είναι στερεωμένα πάνω σε….φακές!!

Φθινοπωρινή διακόσμηση με κεριά….. Μια εύκολη πρόταση διακόσμησης με
κεριά!! Και ναι, όντως τα κεριά είναι στερεωμένα πάνω σε….φακές!! Η
φθινοπωρινή διακόσμηση μπορεί να γίνει παιχνιδάκι αν γίνουν οι σωστές

15 Ιδέες για φθινοπωρινή διακόσμηση με κεριά που είναι στερεωμένα πάνω σε….φακές!!!!!
Ο συγκεκριμένος τρόπος διακόσμησης των κεριών είναι ωραίο να τοποθετηθεί δίπλα…. στο αγαπημένο φθινοπωρινό χρώμα…..
Από τις φθινοπωρινές αποχρώσεις που ζεσταίνουν την ατμόσφαιρα, μέχρι τα
ονειρεμένα αρώματα που ταξιδεύουν τις αισθήσεις μας, ανακάλυπτουμε
εύκολους τρόπους για να ανανεώσουμε το στυλ του σπιτιού!!

Μια κατασκευή βήμα – βήμα, ενος centerpiece με κεριά που είναι στερεωμένα πάνω σε….φακές!!

As much as I liked the centerpiece on my coffee table, it really needed a Fall makeover.

My new
centerpiece took me less than 10 minutes to put together and was free!!
(I only used stuff I had laying around the house)
 To create this super cute centerpiece,
I took the tray from the last centerpiece, set it on top of a placemat I already had, and added some fake leaves.
Then I added two dollar store glass vases and a few fake plastic acorns and apples from the Dollar Spot at Target.
can see that I was playing around with which size candle to use. I
decided I wanted to have the little ones because I thought they were
cuter, but they needed something under them to raise them up. So I went
to my pantry… 
And came up with this:
I also wanted
the candles to have something cute on them so I just took some hemp and
leaves and tied them to the side of each candle.
Testing it out…
I love it. I
can proceed now! Yay! A lot of my crafts are trial and error. I just
play around with different elements until I get a look I like. Finally, I
just added the glass jars back on the tray and I was done!
One thing to
point out if you make your own display is to make the levels of the
lentils at different heights. It gives it more depth.
I am very pleased with how this display turned out. And seriously, it was really easy to throw together!!
I have no idea what is going on with my newel and large decor ball in the background. Ha! Kids!!

I didn’t even notice until after I took the pictures. Silly kids. (But I did paint the newel green. It’s slowly coming along…)
Now I’m just one step closer to having a Fall house!!
Except now I really should move things around a bit until the end of October to make room. Have a great Fall, y’all!!


3 Ιδέες για διακριτικές διακοσμητικές παρεμβάσεις με φθινοπωρινή διάθεση, με θέμα τις φακές!!

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